I definitely recommend BKK. I went on a group tour in 2012. I had such an amazing time, made new friends and felt completely at ease. It has nearly been a year since my surgery and I am so happy!

BKK arranges cosmetics surgery for people abroad at 70% cheaper than here in Australia

Thailand – the ultimate destination for overseas dental surgery holidays The quality

Thailand has one of the highest international standards for dental surgery, covering all aspects of dental practice. Dentists, orthodontists and hygienists have a world class education, safety and patient protection standards match Australian benchmarks and regulatory requirements, and the results are outstanding. You can read more about the stringent requirements via the Thailand Ministry of Health and the Thai Dental Council homepages.
The prices
The cost of dental surgery in Thailand can be up to 70% cheaper- including travel costs. See our ‘How much does it cost’ page for information on the cost of procedures. Significant savings can be made on a wide range of services, including but not limited to bridges, crowns, veneers, dental implants, caps, wisdom tooth removal, orthodontic work, and cosmetic procedures such as tooth whitening and bleaching.
The destination
Thailand is a diverse and naturally stunning holiday destination, a favourite of Australian travellers for decades. It is best known for its pristine beaches, exotic city life, fantastic cuisine, hinterland & jungle, and friendly locals. When you book an overseas dental holiday with BKK Cosmetics, you’ll be placed in the finest luxury accommodation convenient to the hospital, allowing you to enjoy the best that the capital has to offer whilst being completely cared for.

Why choose BKK Cosmetics to facilitate your dental surgery overseas?

At BKK Cosmetics, we know everything about the service providers, accommodation and carriers because we’ve experienced it all ourselves! We will only recommend and work with proven, well established providers with a long term interest in taking care of our valued clients.

Take the hassle out of sourcing, contacting and booking with the right dental professionals, as well as getting the best deals on travel and post-procedure care. BKK Cosmetics can save you hours of planning and research. You will feel completely cared for from beginning to end- and you’ll absolutely love the results.

To find out more about what we can do for you, get in touch today- contact us any time on 0414 642 713 or (02) 9904 3141, or email kelly@bkkcosmetics.com