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I definitely recommend BKK. I went on a group tour in 2012. I had such an amazing time, made new friends and felt completely at ease. It has nearly been a year since my surgery and I am so happy!

BKK arranges cosmetics surgery for people abroad at 70% cheaper than here in Australia

BKK Cosmetics – Australia’s leading agent for cosmetic surgery holiday packages to Thailand

Welcome to BKK Cosmetics, the most luxurious and affordable way to achieve your perfect look.

BKK is dedicated to helping people achieve their body goals and desires by partnering with an internationally recognised and accredited hospital and acting as host, educator and connector for the whole experience start to finish. The hospitals BKK choose to partner with employ highly skilled, internationally trained plastic surgeons to offer you a wide range of cosmetic procedures, from breast enlargement to teeth whitening.

All our overseas cosmetic surgery packages are at prices up to 70% cheaper than here in Australia. It’s not discount surgery; it’s surgical and cosmetic treatments by world standard professionals in a gorgeous locality where costs are low and the savings are passed on to you.

BKK have the knowledge and experience to organise everything from online assessments, initial consults, surgeons and the procedure. BKK offer one-on-one service all year round, as well as 2-3 group tours a year for those who are nervous or simply want company on the holiday. BKK will do everything in their power to help you feel completely comfortable and confident about your decision, including the option of hospital representatives to look after you from start to finish if you choose to go along.

Why pay thousands for cosmetic surgery, when you can cover the cost of surgery, flights, accommodation and spending money for nearly half the cost to what you would pay for just the procedure here in Australia?!

The best part? Our unique cosmetic surgery holidays will have you enjoying 5-star accommodation, hospitality and aftercare while you recover and relax at a resort or beach, rather than at home spending the days stuck inside nursing a remote control.

BKK is owned and operated by Kelly Douglas, a young woman whose passion lies in helping people achieve their goals. Kelly has extensively studied and in many cases experienced the procedures, the hospital & all the surgeons she recommends. Kelly takes her utmost care to exceed expectations.

With summer just around the corner, treat yourself to a luxury cosmetic surgery getaway in beautiful Thailand, and fulfil your dreams of having that perfect beach body at the same time!

For more information, visit the about and BKK pages or request an information package from the contact page.